12% of the water consumed in Mexico City and Toluca comes from the Valle de Bravo - Amacalco basin.

What is it?

Hydro-Forest space of 77 hectares

The Valle de Bravo – Amanalco Basin is a hidro-forest of 77.00 hectares in which all the hydric systems (springs, streams, creeks, rivers and runoff) drain the Valle de Bravo dam. It’s part of the Cutzmala System, a great hydraulic infrastructure that supplies 30% of the potable water to the Metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico.


What happens with…?

Bodies of water

The quantity and quality of the water in rivers and streams has suffered in the last decades. At the same time, pollution in bodies of water remains to be a problem.


What happens with…?


The growth between the agricultural border affecting the forests continues.
Deterioration of the forest as its mass decreases. Fragmentation of forest spaces and loss of biodiversity.

What happens with…?


Unregulated urban growth and lack of services creates a high amount of trash.
Equally thousands of families living in poverty exert strong pressure on the surrounding natural resources.

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