Helping conserve Valle de Bravo
for over 20 years.

We’re a non-for-profit that promotes the regeneration,
the rescue and conservation of the Valle de Bravo-Amanalco basin.

Our mission

We promote and carry out actions that foster the regeneration, rescue, and conservation of the Valle de Bravo – Amanalco basin, our operational projects favor the permanence of its forests, grounds and streams.

How do we do it?

Our focus

Forest and grounds

Alongside basin land owners we carry out a series of actions and sustainable practices to conserve, protect and restore grounds and forests.

Community development and eco-technology

We build eco-technology with community members to reduce the pollution and pressure on forests, rivers and streams.


Water monitoring

In alliance with the CCMMSS and the contribution of local communities we analyze water from 34 strategic points in the Valle de Bravo – Amanalco basin.


Support our projects and donate today

With your donation you’ll help promote actions in favor of rescuing and conserving the region through projects that favor the permanence of forests, grounds and streams.

Procuenca emergency fund

Like many organizations, in Procuenca we face strong financial challenges that compromise the continuity and promotion of our work in service of the regeneration and conservation of the basin. The financial crisis derived from the health emergency has reduced the amount of our donations by 60%. In addition to this, the Tour H2O race will not be able to take place, which represents the loss of one million pesos in our income.


Our goal




They’ve believed in us

Awards and recognitions

Procuenca presides the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in 2020 and 2021

Winners of the “Presea Estado de México”, 2018

First place in the Civil Society Organizations category of the “Global Forest Watch México”, 2017

Finalist in “Iniciativa México”, 2011

Recognition from the State Government for 10 years of uninterrupted work for the conservation of the Valle Bravo – Amanalco Basin, 2010

Finalist in the world water forum “Kyoto World Water Grand Prize”, 2009