What is a worm tower?

It’s a tool that’s installed in the garden and serves so that, through the work of the worms, all the organic vegetable waste is processed at home.

How does it work? What capacity does it have?

It works by placing a partially buried container in a green area, to which an initial nest of Californian red worms is introduced and all the organic vegetable waste produced by an average family is deposited there.

The worms are responsible for processing all organic waste while fertilizing the garden through their network of micro tunnels. One worm tower is enough to process the waste of an average family of up to four people.

Who can use them?

All inhabitants of the Valle de Bravo valley that has at least a green area of 20 square meters


How much does it cost to install a tower in my home?

The cost of the package is MXN$700 and it includes:

  • PVC tower of 1 meter length and its cover

  • Initial Californian red worms nest

  • User’s manual

  • Advice for the installation of the Procuenca capacitors.

  • Installation in your home garden


If you pick up your tower at Procuenca’s office the cost is MXN$650

Ask for your tower at [email protected]